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Why Mental Health?

Youth mental health is at a crisis point in Ireland. A study by the RCSI in 2013 showed that 1 in every 5 young people in Ireland is experiencing mental health difficulties at any one time. Ireland also has the the 5th highest suicide rate for young people when compared to other European Countries. These figures are only a small part of the story. For every person who suffers there are parents, friends, brothers, sisters, guardians, teachers and community workers who deal with the impact of youth mental health difficulties. For every suicide there are devastated communities and families.

Mental health is fundamental and it is a part of everyone’s life, at all times. Without good mental health simple tasks like going to school or playing sport become difficult and without proper care and attention mental health issues can become very serious.

Access to mental health care that is youth focused can brighten the lives of tens of thousands of young people. Providing education for young people on mental health can help to develop personal positive mental health, help to develop a better understanding of those experiencing difficulty and help to develop the skills to look after one another. It can empower communities and build a society which has not only better personal health but more appreciation for those experiencing difficulty. These goals are possible and by supporting youth mental health projects we can make them a reality.

At One for Ireland we can see a change. We see the great work that Irish youth mental health charities are doing and we see an empowered generation on the horizon.

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