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There are currently over 3,000 young people without a home.

More than 1 in 3 of those in emergency accommodation is now a child.

What can we do? It starts with One.

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Who We Are

One for Ireland is a charity fundraising movement run for young people by young people in conjunction with the Irish Youth Foundation. Once a year we aim to make a large positive impact for the most pressing youth issue by bringing Ireland together for a national effort. We are about empowering our community to make a difference. We work with experienced professionals to help us choose the best charity projects to make the biggest and best impact possible.

One Becomes Many



7 regions. 7 charities. Our charity selection panel has helped us determine which projects will make the most of the money raised. We are currently announcing each charity partner over the month of March.

Our Charity Partners


One for Ireland will not take in a single euro in physical cash. All donations will be processed electronically through retailers or individual donors on mobile or online and will be processed, free of charge, by PayPal.

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We’re giving 100%

Not only are we giving 100% effort towards this campaign, but 100% of your donation will go direct to the projects set up by each of our charity partners. One for Ireland won’t take a single euro – all operating costs are covered by private donors.